Rusne Mikiskaite

Rusne Mikiskaite picked up the saxophone at the age of eleven in Trakai School Of Arts in Lithuania. Lead by an active and greatly competent teacher Rusne attended the National J. Pakalnis competitions and won prizes, she also won the third prize in the International competition "Gradus At Parnasum“, and performed in various concerts and festivals.

In 2004, at the age of sixteen, Rusne graduated from Trakai School of Arts and started studying at Juozas Tallat-Kelpsa Conservatory in Vilnius, after which Rusne continued her studies at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. 

Rusne finished her undergraduate studies in Lithuania in 2010, performing many concerts in Lithuania as a soloist and member of various chamber music groups. In 2011 Rusnė was a member of the European Saxophone Ensemble. She toured ten European Countries with this ensemble, performing together with other 11 saxophonists from different EU countries under artistic director Cezarius Gadzina.

Rusne continued her saxophone studies with Professor Johan van der Linden in Utrecht, the Netherlands where she completed her master degree in 2015. During the time in the Netherlands Rusne performed frequently with pianist Thijn Vermeulen, Quadruplex saxophone quartet, ArtEZ/HKU saxophone choir and many other chamber groups. Rusne performed concerts in Lithuania with Thijn in 2014 including performances in Lithuanian Radio and Television, festival “Recurrences” and “Art Juvenes”. In 2015 Rusne performed with Quadruplex  in Estonia and the Nordic Saxophone Festival in Helsinki, Finland.

At present Rusne is studying Artist Diploma programme at the Royal College of Music with Professor Kyle Horch and performing concerts in London with the Laefer Quartet.


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